DVD 小笠原流礼法  Ogasawara-ryu Reiho

小笠原流礼法の入門者向けDVD。日本語版と英語版を同時収録。2枚組(DISC1:基本編、DISC2:応用編)基本編:小笠原流礼法とは、姿勢、立つ・座る、お辞儀、歩き方、膝行・膝退、廻り方、襖の開閉、前通りの礼、行き逢いの礼を収録。応用編:訪問の作法(洋室、和室)、履物の脱ぎ方、茶菓の進め方・頂き方、座布団の座り方、風呂敷の扱い・物の受け渡し、椅子の座り方、食事作法、焼香、献花、包み方を収録。記録方式:NTSC、リージョンコード(region codes):ALL The Ogasawara-ryu Reiho is a traditional system of etiquette continuing for 850 years, taught to generations of Shōgun and warriors alike. This DVD is intended for beginners to the Ogasawara-ryu Reiho. Language: Japanese; English. 2 Discs (Disc 1: Basics; Disc 2: Applications) Details: “Basics”: About the Ogasawara-ryu, Posture, Standing and Sitting, Bowing, Walking, Moving While Kneeling, Turning, Opening and Closing Fusuma, Bowing when Passing Someone, Bowing when Paths Cross “Applications”: Things to Keep in Mind for Visitation (Japanese Style Rooms Western Style Rooms), Entranceway Etiquette, Presenting and Receiving Refreshments, Presenting and Receiving Refreshments, Sitting on Zabuton, Handling Furoshiki and Handing over Gifts, Sitting on Chairs, Table Manners, Funeral Etiquette, Flower Offering, Wrapping NTSC region codes:ALL