Ogasawara-ryu Etiquette for Washoku, the Cuisine of Japan - The Etiquette of the SAMURAI -

「小笠原流 和食の作法」の英語版です。

書籍サイズ:縦21cm X 横15cm
出版:一般財団法人 礼法弓術弓馬術小笠原流

This book, which introduces basic concepts of Japanese etiquette for eating and drinking, is a translation of the original Japanese text of the same title presented by Ogasawara Kiyotada and his wife, Ogasawara Junko. Ogasawara Kiyotada is the 31st generation head of the Ogasawara family, which has been charged with teaching, maintaining and passing on the rules and practice of Rei, Japanese etiquette, for more than 800 years.

An excellent first introduction to Japanese etiquette, this short volume contains four chapters:

Chapter 1 Eating and Etiquette
◆Eating meals with proper etiquette is the start of Rei
◆In the Meiji Era etiquette was taught in elementary schools
◆Washoku is the food culture of Japan; it has been designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

Chapter 2 Table Manners
◆How to hold chopsticks properly
◆Using Japanese dishes
◆How to enjoy meals
◆Things to avoid when using chopsticks
◆What to be mindful of when you eat

Chapter 3 Tea Time Etiquette
◆How to serve and enjoy tea and teacakes

Chapter 4 About Ogasawara family history